donderdag 26 maart 2009

An other victim of Israel (by Carlos Latuff)

Latuff's comment on deviant art:

On March 13th, 2009, Tristan Anderson, from Oakland, California was critically wounded in the village of Ni'lin after Israeli forces shot him in the head with a high-powered tear-gas canister. Tristan is a dedicated activist and reporter who has long been committed to social and environmental justice in the U.S. and abroad in places such as Oaxaca, Iraq, and Palestine.

Copyleft artwork on behalf of Rachel Corrie, Brian Avery, Tom Hurndall, Tristan Anderson and all the peace activists wounded or killed by Israeli Occupation Forces while defending the Palestinians.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I adore latuff. I discovered him awhile ago via an email circulating.

    He says things without ever speaking.

  2. hi,

    yes I discovered him too (2007) via an email, it might be the same mail you've received lol.

    I really adore and admire his work too.

    (thanks for reacting ;) )