woensdag 4 maart 2009

Dust is my bed, embracing me, and is my cover
The sands are around me, engulfing me from all directions
And the tomb recounts [ the story of ] the darkness of my calamity
And the light has destined that my pleasure is in meeting [Allaah]

Where is the kindness of kin? They relinquished fidelity
Where are the scores of friends? They dispensed with my brotherhood
Where is the bliss of money? I left it behind
And where is the glory of fame and compliments?
That’s my end; dust is my bed

The beloved bade farewell to his love, and cried my elegy
The tears flow dried out, after crying
The vast universe shrank, narrowing my space
The tomb to my corpse became both my land and my sky
That’s my end; dust is my bed

Fear overwhelms my estrangement and sadness is my ailment
Hoping for steadfastness, which is – I swear – my remedy
Sincerely supplicating to the Lord; You are my hope
Hoping- O Allaah – for a paradise, in which my bliss shall be attained

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